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FEM168 Combining Her Passion for Music And Travel To Create An Exciting Career with Prita Grealy

music and travel

Australian artist, Prita Grealy, didn’t have plans to start a career in music. In fact, it was a breakthrough on a private yacht and an opportunity at a 5-star resort that changed her trajectory. Music and travel had always been a passion of Prita Grealy. Growing up in a family that moved around often and…

FEM155 3 Concert Tips To Improve Audience Connection & Enjoyment That Have Nothing To Do With Musicianship

concert tips

What I learned from attending a Gordon Lightfoot concert that had nothing to do with his amazing talent and everything to do with audience connection. Today I share 3 concert tips that can be used across venues and genres to improve audience connection and enjoyment. I recently attended a Gordon Lightfoot concert and although I had…