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FEM175 How & Why To Build Relationships with Music Industry Contacts with D Grant Smith

music industry contacts

The relationship between artist and fan isn’t the only one you should be building in your music business. D Grant Smith shares some tips and tricks on cultivating relationships with music industry contacts that will foster growth in your music career. Connecting with music industry contacts is necessary for growth and that’s why D Grant…

FEM140 How Successful Independent Musicians Overcome Rejection & Deal With Haters

successful Independent musicians

Not a single independent musician is invincible when it comes to rejection and haters so booking can be a hassle. Using these strategies will help you deal with rejection while staying positive so you can always put your best foot forward. Unfortunately, even the most successful independent musicians are not immune to having challenges. The…

FEM139 Strategies To Help You Conquer Those Music Tasks You HATE Doing

music tasks

Procrastination is a never-ending battle that many people deal with. Using some simple strategies and hacks, it’s not only impossible but even enjoyable to get music tasks done. We all have music tasks we loathe doing but getting these tasks done (and staying consistent) is what will help us make progress and grow in our…