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FEM177 Why You Might Be Resisting Concert Booking & How To Overcome It with Bree Noble & Beth Matthew

concert booking

FIMC Community Manager, Beth Matthew, shares the struggles that held her back from concert booking and the steps she took to break through booking resistance. Concert booking can be nerve wracking for even the most seasoned artists but unfortunately, it’s something we need to work through if we want to share our gifts with the…

FEM136 How To Create A Winning Electronic Press Kit for Musicians

electronic press kit for musicians

Confused about what an electronic press kit for musicians should look like? In this podcast, we talk about who an electronic press kit is for and what to include on it. Creating an electronic press kit for musicians can be daunting but simply having important information scattered on your website isn’t enough. Members of press…

FEM135 The Best Concert Venues You’ve Probably Never Explored with Lisa Lynne

best concert venues

Finding the best concert venues can be a struggle for any artist. Lisa Lynne stopped by to share some of her own secrets that lead her to writing her brand new book. Last time I met with Lisa Lynne, on Episode 27, she was just starting to write her book, How to Succeed at Self-Produced…