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FEM173 Improving Artist And Venue Communication with Carolina Castilla Founder of Massive Act

venue communication

Carolina Castilla, creator of Massive Act, moved from Colombia to Silicon Valley to start her company from scratch, without knowing anyone when she saw a need in the industry. Venue communication can be difficult in the music business so when Founder of Massive Act, Carolina Castilla, noticed a need while working as a promoter, she…

FEM124 Advice from Voice Coach & Holistic Artist Mentor Wendy Parr

voice coach

Voice coach Wendy Parr is one of the country’s top coaches, having worked with many artists from their first voice lesson all the way to a Grammy Award. She shares how she helps each artist develop and maintain their signature style through holistic techniques. As a voice coach, producer, mentor, award winning songwriter, and artist,…

FEM37 How To Make Money As A Musician By Finding Your Niche with Tamara Gal-On

how to make money as a musician

Tamara Gal-On is a successful music business coach and we talk about how to make money as a musician. She talks about her realistic approach in helping out musicians and creatives in making their way to real success in the music industry. This in an eye-opener episode for all artists as Tamara shares her valuable…