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FEM171 Making Music Merch More Profitable with Vanessa Ferrer

music merch

Vanessa Ferrer , founder of Merch Cat, is an expert when it comes to music merch. With her background in music and business, she created Merch Cat to help musicians leverage this income stream. A successful businesswoman for 15 years, Vanessa Ferrer has managed touring artists and consulted with industry pros. In 2015, she created Merch…

FEM35 Top 7 Reasons Why Selling Holiday Music Online or Selling A Holiday CD is a Good Idea with Bree Noble

selling holiday music online

In 2011 I recorded my Holiday CD “Gift Beneath The Star.”  It was one of the best career moves I ever made. So I wanted to share with you how recording a Holiday album can benefit your music business. Below are the 7 reasons I think you should sell Holiday music online or a sell…

FEM34 How To Be A Successful Musician Without Sacrificing Your Family with Martha’s Trouble

how to be a successful musician

Jen and Rob of Martha’s Trouble talk to me about how they manage their priorities; family and musical career. Learn how to be a successful musician from their journey as career and life partners. The lessons they learned from their mentor which gave them a breakthrough in their passion and the experiences they have earned…