Holiday Music

FEM35 Top 7 Reasons Why Selling Holiday Music Online or Selling A Holiday CD is a Good Idea with Bree Noble

selling holiday music online

In 2011 I recorded my Holiday CD “Gift Beneath The Star.”  It was one of the best career moves I ever made. So I wanted to share with you how recording a Holiday album can benefit your music business. Below are the 7 reasons I think you should sell Holiday music online or a sell…

FEM34 How To Be A Successful Musician Without Sacrificing Your Family with Martha’s Trouble

how to be a successful musician

Jen and Rob of Martha’s Trouble talk to me about how they manage their priorities; family and musical career. Learn how to be a successful musician from their journey as career and life partners. The lessons they learned from their mentor which gave them a breakthrough in their passion and the experiences they have earned…