FEM164 Strong Belief In Your Product Makes Marketing Your Music Easier & More Fun with Abigail Rose

marketing your music

Nashville native, Abigail Rose, talks about how she came up through the music business. Not only did she gain a lot of connections, but it helped her figure out who she wanted to be as an artist. Marketing your music can be a daunting task for some musicians, but believing in your product makes it…

FEM105: 10 Ways To Build Your Fan Base Using Facebook Ads

build your fan base

Facebook Ads are, in my opinion, one of the BEST ways to build your fan base by attracting new fans and engaging current fans. ┬áThere are several reasons for this including: Facebook is a platform most people log into at least once per day. Your potential fans ARE on Facebook, and ads give you a…

FEM78 Facebook Ads Vs. Music Promotion Services with Bree Noble

music promotion services, facebook ads for musicians vs pr

When first starting out, Facebook ads can be a great first step in musicians promoting their music. Music promotion services or PR firms should be used when musicians are in the fourth stage of their music career. Fill out the form if you are interested in learning about my strategy in creating Facebook ads. You’ll…