Women In Music

FEM14 Jobs for Music Majors & Climbing The Music Industry Ladder with April Duran


I talk with April Duran, founder of all-female Record Label Rag House Records and creator of SoCal Girl Fest about climbing the Music Industry ladder and the philosophy that keeps her moving upward. Her Experience at Musician’s Institute Going back to school to make a career change Wanting it badly enough to work full time…

FEM06 Women in the Music Industry, Masterminds for Musicians And Podcasting with Brassy Broad Jen Edds

women in music industry

  I talk with Jen Edds – musician, editing guru extraordinaire, and host of the awesome Podcast about women in the Music Industry, “The Brassy Broadcast.” How This Woman Got Started in The Music Industry How she got started in music. How she lived a double life – corporate sales by day, performing musician at…