What Money-Making Offer Should You Add To Your Music Business with Katie Zaccardi & Bree Noble

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How To Plan, Budget & Run A Profitable Music Event with Danielle Tucker

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Balancing Motherhood, A Day Job & A Thriving Music Career with Michelle Brooks-Thompson

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How To Expand Your Business Online Even If You’re Not Techy with Jaime Slutzky

As founder of The Expand Online Summit and The Tech of Business, Jaime Slutzky helps creatives and musicians navigate the confusing tech hurdles of marketing and providing online education. I get a lot of people coming to me all the... Read More

Booking Venues in 2021: Relationships Are The Key with Tara B

Building relationships with venues and event planners is even more important now in our post-pandemic world. Tara B talks about how she builds relationships with venues through the booking, event and follow-up so she is always top of mind when... Read More

4 Steps To Shift Your Money Mindset

I am so thrilled to talk about money mindset because I struggled a ton about money as a musician. I was so uncomfortable to ask for money and to even think I was worth something I knew I deserved. I... Read More

How To Get Paid What You’re Worth For Gigs with Beth Matthew & Cayla Brooke

Beth & Cayla, my community managers in the Female Indie Musician Community talk about how to get paid what you’re worth when booking gigs. They discuss how they stopped performing at places that didn’t value them and caused resentment and... Read More

7 Music Industry Rules I Broke (And You Should Too!)

I want to talk about the 7 rules that I broke in my career and give you permission to break them too. We hear about all these rules or things you must do to succeed in the music industry, and... Read More

Starving Artist Syndrome Is Limiting Your Opportunities

I truly believe that all boats can rise with the tide. What does that mean for musicians? It means that if we band together to promote Indie music as a whole, everyone can benefit. If we collaborate and help each other, everyone wins. It... Read More

Being Open About Race & Gender Issues With Your Audience with Tara Priolo

On this episode, Tara and I discuss how to talk about hard subjects with your fans like race and gender issues and how to take a stand for what you believe in while weaving that into your branding and music.... Read More