How To Pivot From In-Person To Online Teaching/Coaching with Katie Zaccardi & Bree Noble

Katie and I talk about the pros and cons of in-person to online teaching or coaching, why it makes sense to expand your business online and how to make that pivot. A lot has happened in the last year and... Read More

Why Our Latest Program Launches Were The Best We’ve Ever Had with Bree Noble & Katie Zaccardi

While Katie and I partner for their program “Out To Launch”, we also launch programs on our own. This episode talks about why our latest program launches were the best we’ve ever had and how we used our own launching... Read More

Personal & Business Update: What I’ve Leaned Into Over the Past Year & How It’s Changed My Life And Business

As I near my 50th birthday…I’ve made some major shifts in my life and business that have significantly impacted how I show up, am able to make an impact and enjoy my business. I hope these shifts and lessons I’ve... Read More

Creating Healthy Habits & Routines And Making Them Stick with Beth Matthew & Cayla Brooke

As musicians, we’re balancing a lot in our life and work. Creating healthy habits and routines is key to making progress in your career. But creating habits and routines is only the beginning. The only way they make a true... Read More

How To Get Your Fans To Stick Around

How do you get your fans to stick around? How do you turn a listener into a fan and then a supporter of your music? You must have a clear fan discovery journey with several sticky points along the way.... Read More

5 Steps To Go From Stuck To Unstoppable In Your Music Career

Do you want to go from stuck to unstoppable in your music career? I’m excited to talk about five steps to become more proactive in your music career. Last episode, we talked about the things that are keeping you stuck,... Read More

Get More Views, Subscribers & Engagement On Your YouTube Channel with Fiona Flyte

Fiona Flyte shares with us tips on how to grow your YouTube channel.  I talk with her about how to increase your views, subscribers and engagement. There is a lot of training out there about YouTube, but this is specific... Read More

Music PR: How To Find Your Unique Angle with Diane Foy

Diane Foy coaches artists how to get PR and actually capitalize on it by having their foundation in place including their branding, story and unique angle so they can attract new listeners and turn them into longtime fans. Diane Foy... Read More

How To Find A Producer For Your Next Music Release with Emily Satterlee from ItyDity

As an artist, do you wonder about how to find a producer for your next music release? In this episode, I talk with Emily Satterlee about the difficulties artists have working with producers, how they’ve been disappointed, overcharged and their... Read More

Music Patreon Launch Strategies with Katie Zaccardi

I’m here today with Katie Zaccardi to talk about music launch strategies with Patreon. This comes up a lot with my students. Everyone has heard about it but they do not know what to do with it. Let’s get into... Read More