FEM27 Selling 1 Million Albums Through Creative Physical CD Distribution with Lisa Lynne

Lisa Lynne, harpist, composer and multi-instrumentalist, shares how she succeeded in physical CD distribution. She has great tips on generating income from music. Learn how Lisa sold over 1 Million albums! She also believes in giving back her gift as a musician to the... Read More

FEM26 How Online Music Competitions Can Give You A Head Start in The Music Industry with Jetty Rae

I talk with Jetty Rae, a confident singer and songwriter, about how she got a head start on her career in music through online music competitions. She took her career seriously; making sure that she knows what she wants, putting her goals... Read More

FEM15 How To Get Into The Music Industry Without Losing Your Identity with Jessie Lee Cates

I talk with Jessie Lee Cates, a brilliant country singer and song writer, on how to get into the music industry, her struggles and what kept her going. She shares her experiences on how she managed well to keep her... Read More

FEM13 How To Make It In The Music Industry As A Solopreneur with Myla Smith (Part 2)

I continue my conversation with singer/songwriter Myla Smith about all the pieces you need to have in place to move your career forward as a musician solopreneur. Working with a Team as a Solo Artist You are the label Building... Read More

FEM12 How To Start A Music Career & Maintain Life Balance with Myla Smith (Part 1)

I talk with Myla Smith about her early experiences with music, how to start a music career, and how she made a crucial decision that allowed her to pursue her musical dreams while maintaining a healthy life balance.  Early Career... Read More

FEM09 Getting A Record Deal Is Just The Beginning with JES

I talk with JES about her genre, Rocktronica, her songwriting, her amazing ride with her band “Motorcycle”, getting a record deal and what it meant for her career, and now starting her own label. The Electronica Culture The culture of... Read More

FEM07 Growing With Your Audience With Singer Actress & Songwriter Kate Todd

I talk with singer actress and songwriter Kate Todd.  You may recognize her from the Nichelodeon show “Radio Free Roscoe” where she played a budding singer/songwriter, or from her starring role on “My Babysitter’s A Vampire” on Disney TV. Kate’s... Read More

FEM03 How To Become A Musician: Creative Strategies For Making A Living As A Female Indie Artist With Marina V

I talk with award-winning Russian-American artist Marina V about coming to America, finding her calling as a full-time musician and the ups and downs of her career.  She also discusses her creative income strategies, music managers, radio airplay and more.... Read More

FEM01 The Search for Authenticity – Finding Your Voice & Living Your Passion with Erin Dickins

The Search For Authenticity – Finding Your Voice & Living Your Passion with Erin Dickins This is a fun, enlightening conversation with an Industry veteran and co-founder of Manhattan Transfer. The amazing story of how she got started in the... Read More