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FEM181 Connecting With Fans Across The Globe With Jenn Bostic

connecting with fans

Raw, real emotions and struggles inspire pop, gospel, soul artist, Jenn Bostic, to write music that her fans can relate to. Connecting with fans seems to come easy for Jenn Bostic. Her music is unpredictable and she isn’t afraid to follow her heart in the music she creates. In her most recent album, Revival, she…

FEM180 Artist Development & Performance Coach Vicki Ambinder

artist development

Vicki Ambinder has been a professional in the performance and media arts for almost 40 years, helping musicians and artists deal with common issues around performing live and in the studio. Artist development and performance coach, Vicki Ambinder, works with musicians of all ages, levels and genres to enhance their performing skills in both the…

FEM163 The Smiling Girl of Blues Bands with Bridget Kelly

blues bands

fanBridget Kelly loves her fans and spends a lot of time engaging with them but the best way she connects with them, and others, is simply by being kind. One of the greatest female-fronted blues bands is The Bridget Kelly Blues Band, an electronic blues band. Their latest CD, Blues Warrior, was released on June…