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How Hiring A Musician Assistant Can Save You Money

musician assistant

Hiring a musician assistant can be one of the best business decisions you could ever make. Many musicians spend too much of their time on administrative tasks which leaves them less time to do the things they need to build their careers. By outsourcing these tasks, you can concentrate on the tasks needed to grow…

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Time To Go On A Music Industry Blog & Content Diet

What Does Dieting Have To Do With Music Industry Blog Content? If you’ve been in my community for a while, you know my goal is to be as authenitc and “real” with you as possible. So here’s one of those times I’m going to get totally real with ya. It seems that I might have…

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23 Sources of Music Artist Income

music artist income

Sources of Music Artist Income One of the biggest challenges facing musicians is generating artist income. Although sales of recorded music have dropped significantly, there are many new sources of income available to musicians. Our friends at Bandzoogle have put together a free eBook called “23 Ways Musicians Can Make Money” to help musicians and…

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7 Must-Knows for Attending Music Conferences

7 Must-Knows for Attending Music Conferences For those of us who are a little shy, a little unsure of ourselves, and terrified of the scary word that is “networking”, music conferences can be a pretty frightening thing. It’s enough to make even the most dedicated professional shy away. But as a self-proclaimed introvert, and someone…

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How To Market Music Online: 7 Truths All Musicians Should Know

How To Market Music Online… And What Happens If You Don’t Ever wondered why some super talented musicians don’t get the fanbase and recognition you feel they deserve, while other not as talented musicians get a lot more exposure and seem to be “everywhere”? While there could be a number of different reasons for this,…

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Music Business Personal Statement of Purpose: The Lifeblood Of Your Music Career

 Music Business Personal Statement: Why Most Musicians Do This Wrong I remember back in College Management class having to write a business plan for a fictitious business. We were told to write a “Mission Statement” for the business and were given some extremely generic guidelines and excruciatingly boring examples to follow. If you’ve read even a handful…

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