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April 22 - May 1

Most Recent Episodes of the Female Entrepreneur Musician Podcast

Sneak Peak Into The Profitable Musician Summit 2019

FEM185: Music Business Management – How To Keep More Of The Money You Make

FEM184 Music Entrepreneur Success – The Practical Tools & Mindset You Need To Succeed

Why You Still Need To Do Offline Music Marketing

What’s The Best Way To Promote My Music? – Here Are 5 Free Yet Effective Strategies

Common Music Marketing And Promotion Mistakes To Avoid

FEM183 QUICK TIP: Why Having Too Many Music Ideas Is Stopping Your Career In Its Tracks…And How To Fix It

Advice for Musicians Who Are Scattered Creatives

FEM182 Setting Music Goals, Time Management & Delegation with Suzanne Paulinski The Rock/Star Advocate

Why Having Too Many Music Ideas Is Stopping Your Career In Its Tracks…And What To Do About It

FEM181 Connecting With Fans Across The Globe With Jenn Bostic

Musician Branding: Advice To Help Indie Musicians Stand Out In A Noisy Industry

FEM180 Artist Development & Performance Coach Vicki Ambinder

FEM179 How To Build Long-Term Relationships With Music Venues with Tara B & Bree Noble

Discover 20 Top Female Singers From Different Eras & Genres

FEM178 Lessons In Music PR with Dawn Jones

FEM177 Why You Might Be Resisting Concert Booking & How To Overcome It with Bree Noble & Beth Matthew

FEM176 YouTube Music Promotion & Recording Using Artificial Intelligence with Taryn Southern

FEM175 How & Why To Build Relationships with Music Industry Contacts with D Grant Smith

FEM174 How To Find The Best Virtual Assistant For Musicians with Bree Noble

 "You helped form this band by putting honest, actionable information out there geared specifically to a female musician. (I'm 36 with two kids and a day job!:) I would have thought it impossible without your FEM podcast and interview guests. I've listened to the podcast for a couple years now and just soak it up. Every one has provided me with something I could use or bring to my band to help us build this all girl band and fan base. Our story: viral video > successful Kickstarter > killer producer > climbing the folk/bluegrass charts and 6000+ fans (all in 8 months)." - Lauren Spring, The Krickets

Lauren Spring


"What I love most is how you talk about being a mom. I'm also a Mom and in our youth - oriented culture it's easy to feel like I missed my window. When I listen to your podcast, though, I feel like I can do it!" - Sara Giita

Sara Giita