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FEM124 Advice from Voice Coach & Holistic Artist Mentor Wendy Parr

voice coach

Voice coach Wendy Parr is one of the country’s top coaches, having worked with many artists from their first voice lesson all the way to a Grammy Award. She shares how she helps each artist develop and maintain their signature style through holistic techniques. As a voice coach, producer, mentor, award winning songwriter, and artist,…

FEM121 How A Community of Musicians Can Support & Elevate Your Career with Lindsay Katt

community of musicians

Lindsay Katt is a spiritual and heart centered artist who wants to create art for the sake of art. She enjoys the process just as much as the finished product and is here to tell us how she has gotten to where she is today by keeping the joy in creating. It’s critical to be…

FEM89 Behind The Scenes with Female Indie Artists Jiana Wessel & Beth Matthew

female indie artists

Female Indie Artists Jiana Wessel and Beth Matthew shared their journeys as independent artists in their music career. An important part of an artist’s journey is to learn about that of other artist’s so you don’t feel like you are on your own. I was so happy to meet up with Beth and Jiana today. As members of…