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FEM91 Songwriting Camp For Girls & Women with Kirsti Manna

songwriting camp

Kirsti Manna’s songwriting camp empowers women and girls to find their creative voice. Not only did her 6 week #1 hit “Austin” introduce Blake Shelton to country music, but Kirsti also has an interesting history in acting where she had a TV show called Kirsti’s Manor. Kirsti has been gracious enough to offer a ticket to her…

FEM61 How To Build A 6 Figure Music Career with Cathy Heller

6 figure music

As you’ll soon see, Cathy Heller is a wealth of information, inspiration and motivation for you to create a successful music career. She built her entire career from the ground up. She tried the traditional route and turned down 2 record deals because she believed in a different model. Now she licenses her songs to…

FEM56 Booking House Concerts, Publishing & Music Industry Know-How with Lisa J Aston

booking house concerts

I talk with Lisa J Aston, founder and principle of House Concerts Australia, about booking house concerts through her network, the benefits of house concerts, and why she is such a big supporter of house concerts.  She also discusses her publishing experience and working with some of the biggest bands from Australia like INXS and…

FEM47 Spark Your Songwriting Ideas at the Australian Songwriters Conference with Lisa Butler


I talk to successful writer, Lisa Butler, about songwriting ideas, training and networking tactics that she has learned in the span of her experience as a songwriter, poet and founder of the Australian Songwriters Conference. Her interview will educate and inspire songwriters of any genre, whether they are artists or non-performing songwriters. Songwriting Ideas from the Australian Songwriters Conference  Networking…

FEM31 How Being a Multiple Song Writing Contest Winner Advanced Her Career with DeDe

song writing contest

I talk to the multiple song writing contest winner and crossover artist, Dede Wedekind, about her life purpose and joy and peace she found in pursuing her passion. Her path from marketing to a music career brought her faith, courage and learning that she now applies as a full-time music entrepreneur.  Growing Her Fan Base Creating partnerships with bloggers Using…

FEM22 How To Become A Songwriter by Networking with Creative People with Jennell


I talk with Jennell about how her life and career was inspired by the Nashville music scene. She shares her success formula on how to become a songwriter. Hear her story on becoming a successful musician despite the challenges that she has faced in the industry. Connecting with Nashville & How to Become a Songwriter Living…

FEM16 Music Tour Management & Social Media For Musicians with Bari Leigh


I talk with the Nashville-based singer and songwriter, Bari Leigh, on how she makes money in doing her passion. Bari shares music tour management tips. She tells us her experience in connecting with fans through live performances. Her realizations provide a clear perspective of how independent artists  should utilize their resources such as social media for musicians to their…