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FEM54 How To Make It As A Musician with Nancy Ruth

how to make it as a musician no plan b

I talk with Nancy Ruth about her desire from a very young age to learn how to make it as a musician. She emphasizes how important a good music education is. She explains what drew her to move to Spain and how her love of travel and other cultures fits into her music and her…

FEM46 How To Build A Fanbase One Fan At A Time with Rachael Sage


  I talk to the artistic Rachael Sage, successful musician and producer, on how to build a fanbase. Rachael is also a dancer, visual and literary artist but is best known for her career in music and founded her own record label. She shares her journey as an Indie singer and songwriter and how she came up  with…

FEM27 Selling 1 Million Albums Through Creative Physical CD Distribution with Lisa Lynne


Lisa Lynne, harpist, composer and multi-instrumentalist, shares how she succeeded in physical CD distribution. She has great tips on generating income from music. Learn how Lisa sold over 1 Million albums! She also believes in giving back her gift as a musician to the community. Revenue Streams and Physical CD Distribution Record sales – has sold over a million…

FEM16 Music Tour Management & Social Media For Musicians with Bari Leigh


I talk with the Nashville-based singer and songwriter, Bari Leigh, on how she makes money in doing her passion. Bari shares music tour management tips. She tells us her experience in connecting with fans through live performances. Her realizations provide a clear perspective of how independent artists  should utilize their resources such as social media for musicians to their…