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FEM61 How To Build A 6 Figure Music Career with Cathy Heller

6 figure music

As you’ll soon see, Cathy Heller is a wealth of information, inspiration and motivation for you to create a successful music career. She built her entire career from the ground up. She tried the traditional route and turned down 2 record deals because she believed in a different model. Now she licenses her songs to…

FEM60 Licensing Music For Film And TV With Michelle Lockey

licensing music for film and tv

I talk with music licensing expert Michelle Lockey about how she got into licensing music for Film and TV, the steps she took to learn the trade and hone her songwriting craft to write specific music for Film and TV, and her musical journey that led her through conquering her self-confidence issues to becoming a…

FEM55 Turning Down a Record Deal Contract & Thriving as An Indie with Jennie DeVoe

no record deal contract

I talk with Jennie DeVoe about why she turned down a record deal contract near the beginning of her career, deciding to remain fiercely independent. We discuss what makes an artist unique and how to always put forth your very best.  She touches on the importance of growing a fan base and what an honor…

FEM51 Become A Full Time Musician Through Perseverance & Diversification with Lisa Brigantino


I talk with Lisa Brigantino about how to become a full time musician, the perseverance it takes, and how she diversified what she’s doing so she can do music day in and day out. She’s a solo singer/songwriter, runs a music production and rights-clearing company, and does musical comedy shows with her sister too! Lisa’s…

FEM29 How to License Your Music, Attract Music Supervisors & Create Super Fans with Cheryl B Engelhardt


Music industry professional, Cheryl B Engelhardt, talks to me on how to license your music and tips straight from her experience about attracting music supervisors and directors. She talks about doing the music business with the right drive, motivation and building relationships with people you work with. Her energy will surely motivate you! Music Licensing Scoring Music…