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FEM86 How To Fight Resistance To Your Soul’s Calling


When you find your soul’s calling, it’s easy to find yourself fighting the resistance to do things that will help your soul evolve. Sometimes you create excuses to not do the things that will move you forward. As mentioned in The War of Art by Steven Pressfield, feeling this resistance to an idea usually means you are on the edge of…

FEM68: Exercises For Music Entrepreneurs To Plan Their Year

exercises for entrepreneur musicians plan for the year

Watch Or Listen As music entrepreneurs, we may find it time consuming to plan for a brand new year. Are you stuck thinking about 2016? We are going to talk about how you can release 2016 and plan for 2017.   I want you to grab a sheet of paper and label the following columns: WINS/WHY/LESSONS and on…

FEM40 Music Publicist Denise Kovalevich on How To Promote Your Music And Be An Event Hustler


I talk with Denise Kovalevich, owner of  DMK Publicity. She is an experienced music publicist with tons of experience in the entertainment industry who shares some great advice and stories and will introduce an amazing tool, Event Hustler, that will help you get paid quickly and easily when selling tickets to events. What Denise Learned…

FEM31 How Being a Multiple Song Writing Contest Winner Advanced Her Career with DeDe

song writing contest

I talk to the multiple song writing contest winner and crossover artist, Dede Wedekind, about her life purpose and joy and peace she found in pursuing her passion. Her path from marketing to a music career brought her faith, courage and learning that she now applies as a full-time music entrepreneur.  Growing Her Fan Base Creating partnerships with bloggers Using…

FEM29 How to License Your Music, Attract Music Supervisors & Create Super Fans with Cheryl B Engelhardt


Music industry professional, Cheryl B Engelhardt, talks to me on how to license your music and tips straight from her experience about attracting music supervisors and directors. She talks about doing the music business with the right drive, motivation and building relationships with people you work with. Her energy will surely motivate you! Music Licensing Scoring Music…