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FEM28 Taking Charge of Her Career After Being One of The Most Memorable American Idol Past Contestants with Alexis Grace


I talk with Alexis Grace, full time musician and radio DJ, about the influences that made her choose a career in music and her unforgettable experience as one of the amazing American Idol Past Contestants. Learn from her honest opinions and the realities of pursuing a career in music. Her strong, positive character and heart is going to motivate you. Before her Career…

FEM16 Music Tour Management & Social Media For Musicians with Bari Leigh


I talk with the Nashville-based singer and songwriter, Bari Leigh, on how she makes money in doing her passion. Bari shares music tour management tips. She tells us her experience in connecting with fans through live performances. Her realizations provide a clear perspective of how independent artists  should utilize their resources such as social media for musicians to their…

FEM Pre-Launch 01 Music Income Streams For Female Musicians

Interview Previews: Music Income Streams For Female Musicians In this episode I give you a preview of the conversations I have with successful full-time female musicians about the music income streams and other projects that make up their sustainable career: I talk to Milow The Girl about how she combines income from side projects along…