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FEM85 Embracing The Nerd Music Niche with Meri Amber

music niche nerd music

For Meri Amber, finding a music niche was natural. Growing up wanting to be in the girl band, Bewitched, she drew inspiration from the American Comic Con scene. Her music is a mix between bright pop with 90s punk rock and is inspired by Comic Con, Dr. Who, Lego and more. She writes, records, self publishes,…

FEM83 Creating SUPER Fans with House Concerts

creating super fans

Creating super fans can be less daunting when you perform at house concerts. I have included a free resource for musicians who are interested in booking house concerts. It’s called the House Concerts Online Booking Resource Guide and it will help you find ways to book house concerts in your area. Fill out the form below to receive…

FEM59 Crowdfunding for Musicians & A Courageous Musical “Comeback” with Lauren Spring

crowdfunding for musicians

Lauren Spring is a true entrepreneur who not only performs with her all-female band The Krickets and her husband’s band, The Bo Spring Band, but also runs a chain of women’s boutiques called The Fuss in Florida. On the show, she talks about running a wildly successful crowdfunding for musicians campaign for the Krickets newest…

FEM03 How To Become A Musician: Creative Strategies For Making A Living As A Female Indie Artist With Marina V

How To Become a Musician

I talk with award-winning Russian-American artist Marina V about coming to America, finding her calling as a full-time musician and the ups and downs of her career.  She also discusses her creative income strategies, music managers, radio airplay and more. How To Become A Musician The story of how Marina V entered a talent contest…

FEM Pre-Launch 01 Music Income Streams For Female Musicians

Interview Previews: Music Income Streams For Female Musicians In this episode I give you a preview of the conversations I have with successful full-time female musicians about the music income streams and other projects that make up their sustainable career: I talk to Milow The Girl about how she combines income from side projects along…