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FEM83 Creating SUPER Fans with House Concerts

creating super fans

Creating super fans can be less daunting when you perform at house concerts. I have included a free resource for musicians who are interested in booking house concerts. It’s called the House Concerts Online Booking Resource Guide and it will help you find ways to book house concerts in your area. Fill out the form below to receive…

FEM82 Indie Music Concerts: House Concerts vs. Traditional Venues

indie music concerts

I can’t say enough about Indie music house concerts. As an independent musician, there is no better way to engage with your audience, meet new fans and be creative in your set and sound. If you want to hear more about how you can be profitable performing at house concerts, click the button below to…

FEM77 How To Build A Fanbase For Your Music by Understanding The Discovery Journey

how to build a fanbase

While setting up a series of Facebook Ads, I think about a journey that fans go on from not knowing who you are to becoming a raving fan. This has led to my ads being structured in a certain way that allows me to build a fanbase. If you are interested in learning more about…

FEM56 Booking House Concerts, Publishing & Music Industry Know-How with Lisa J Aston

booking house concerts

I talk with Lisa J Aston, founder and principle of House Concerts Australia, about booking house concerts through her network, the benefits of house concerts, and why she is such a big supporter of house concerts.  She also discusses her publishing experience and working with some of the biggest bands from Australia like INXS and…

FEM24 Why Add Concerts In Your Home or Your Fans Homes to Your Booking Schedule

Concerts in your home

Have you considered adding house concerts to your band or solo bookings and tours? If you haven’t, you should. House concerts are the #1 way to attract new fans to your music and create raving fans who will follow your music career and support your music projects. What are House Concerts or Concerts In Your…

FEM03 How To Become A Musician: Creative Strategies For Making A Living As A Female Indie Artist With Marina V

How To Become a Musician

I talk with award-winning Russian-American artist Marina V about coming to America, finding her calling as a full-time musician and the ups and downs of her career.  She also discusses her creative income strategies, music managers, radio airplay and more. How To Become A Musician The story of how Marina V entered a talent contest…