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FEM83 Creating SUPER Fans with House Concerts

creating super fans

Creating super fans can be less daunting when you perform at house concerts. I have included a free resource for musicians who are interested in booking house concerts. It’s called the House Concerts Online Booking Resource Guide and it will help you find ways to book house concerts in your area. Fill out the form below to receive…

FEM37 How To Make Money As A Musician By Finding Your Niche with Tamara Gal-On

how to make money as a musician

Tamara Gal-On is a successful music business coach and we talk about how to make money as a musician. She talks about her realistic approach in helping out musicians and creatives in making their way to real success in the music industry. This in an eye-opener episode for all artists as Tamara shares her valuable…

FEM34 How To Be A Successful Musician Without Sacrificing Your Family with Martha’s Trouble

how to be a successful musician

Jen and Rob of Martha’s Trouble talk to me about how they manage their priorities; family and musical career. Learn how to be a successful musician from their journey as career and life partners. The lessons they learned from their mentor which gave them a breakthrough in their passion and the experiences they have earned…

FEM24 Why Add Concerts In Your Home or Your Fans Homes to Your Booking Schedule

Concerts in your home

Have you considered adding house concerts to your band or solo bookings and tours? If you haven’t, you should. House concerts are the #1 way to attract new fans to your music and create raving fans who will follow your music career and support your music projects. What are House Concerts or Concerts In Your…

FEM18 Building A Fanbase & Crowdfunding For Musicians With The Glass Child

The Glass Child, Charlotte Ericksson,  bares her unique story of survival in her life and career. She tells us her walks in finding a place for her music and books.  I talk to her about her knowledge and experience in crowdfunding campaigns and how she managed to gain a loyal fanbase through learning from the internet and…