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FEM78 Facebook Ads Vs. Music Promotion Services with Bree Noble

music promotion services, facebook ads for musicians vs pr

When first starting out, Facebook ads can be a great first step in musicians promoting their music. Music promotion services or PR firms should be used when musicians are in the fourth stage of their music career. Fill out the form if you are interested in learning about my strategy in creating Facebook ads. You’ll…

FEM77 How To Build A Fanbase For Your Music by Understanding The Discovery Journey

how to build a fanbase

While setting up a series of Facebook Ads, I think about a journey that fans go on from not knowing who you are to becoming a raving fan. This has led to my ads being structured in a certain way that allows me to build a fanbase. If you are interested in learning more about…

FEM51 Become A Full Time Musician Through Perseverance & Diversification with Lisa Brigantino


I talk with Lisa Brigantino about how to become a full time musician, the perseverance it takes, and how she diversified what she’s doing so she can do music day in and day out. She’s a solo singer/songwriter, runs a music production and rights-clearing company, and does musical comedy shows with her sister too! Lisa’s…

FEM16 Music Tour Management & Social Media For Musicians with Bari Leigh


I talk with the Nashville-based singer and songwriter, Bari Leigh, on how she makes money in doing her passion. Bari shares music tour management tips. She tells us her experience in connecting with fans through live performances. Her realizations provide a clear perspective of how independent artists  should utilize their resources such as social media for musicians to their…

FEM 00 Who This Show is For And Why You Should Subscribe To Female Entrepreneur Musician

In this short introductory episode, I discuss: My work with the Women of Substance Music Podcast How to submit your questions for me to answer on the show – Speakpipe & Why I chose the name Female Entrepreneur Musician Taking away the mystery and frustration about the business side of music My background in…