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FEM74 The Lowdown on Musician Headshots with Bree Noble


Musician headshots not something often talked about, after all, we are musicians and not photographers. My latest experience with having headshots taken was by far my most professional so I wanted to share my experience with you. There are many things to look for in finding a photographer and the style of the shoot. Musician…

FEM26 How Online Music Competitions Can Give You A Head Start in The Music Industry with Jetty Rae


I talk with Jetty Rae, a confident singer and songwriter, about how she got a head start on her career in music through online music competitions. She took her career seriously; making sure that she knows what she wants, putting her goals to actions, heeding advice from her mentor, learning from her experiences and from others, and…

FEM22 How To Become A Songwriter by Networking with Creative People with Jennell


I talk with Jennell about how her life and career was inspired by the Nashville music scene. She shares her success formula on how to become a songwriter. Hear her story on becoming a successful musician despite the challenges that she has faced in the industry. Connecting with Nashville & How to Become a Songwriter Living…

FEM20 A Wildly Successful Approach to Booking Shows with Tara B


Tara B is a seasoned singer, recording artist, pianist, voice coach and public speaker. In this episode, Tara talks about the strategies she learned and practiced throughout her career in booking shows, promoting music online, internet marketing and her many ways to earn as a musician entrepreneur. Creating a Variety of Income Streams from Music…

FEM19 Stage Presence Tips & Creating “Moments” with Amy Wolter


I talk with Amy Wolter about the significant moments in her life and music.  Amy, is a successful musician and live music producer. Learn stage presence tips from Amy. Her experience lead her to have the knowledge, conviction and expertise of a live music producer. She gives deep and real advises for performing artists on…