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How Hiring A Musician Assistant Can Save You Money

musician assistant

Hiring a musician assistant can be one of the best business decisions you could ever make.

Many musicians spend too much of their time on administrative tasks which leaves them less time to do the things they need to build their careers. By outsourcing these tasks, you can concentrate on the tasks needed to grow your career, focus on your next project and save money (Yes, it’s true)! Interested in talking with Fiona, the five star virtual assistant to musicians? Schedule your consultation here. 

Let’s get right to it. Here are 4 big ways a virtual musician assistant can help you save money.


Have you ever accidentally spent your entire day trying to fix your website or trying to format your newsletter just right? That day could have been spent on writing a song, recording in the studio or networking – essentially, a part of your career that could generate revenue for yourself. Virtual musician assistants trained in areas that you struggle with can get those day to day things done faster than yourself could, allowing your time to open up to those tasks only you could do.


Most contests, conventions, events, and classes offer early bird pricing for signing up earlier than everyone else. If there is something you know you don’t want to miss, a musician assistant can find out when those early bird deadlines are and set reminders for you to sign up, which can potentially save you hundreds of dollars.


A virtual musician assistant can research the lowest costing travel options for your next tour. Using sites like Kayak, Priceline, Groupon, Trivago and more, they can scout out the best deal for you, comparing costs of flying vs. driving, for example. Avoid the headaches of checking all the sites for the best deal. After they do all the research, you’ll just have to choose the best option for you.


There are tons of options when running your business and career, from hosting your website, running your online store, distributing your music, emailing your fans, and all of them come with a price tag. A virtual musician assistant can research the ones you’re considering so you can make the best choice for your needs.

For example, one of my clients was looking to leave his website hosting as he was fed up with its poor customer service, and in my research I was able to find a new hosting site and in one week, cutting his monthly costs for running his website IN HALF. Being able to save those dollars each month can add up to $100s or $1000s in a year, and is definitely better spent on his next album.

Hopefully this gives you a good place to start if you’re considering the journey to hiring a virtual assistant! Delegating those energy draining tasks that yet have to get done will instantly open up your day to focus on where your focus should be: on your music.

If you’re ready to create space in your day and focus on your passion, schedule your consultation today. 

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