"Don't Just make music...make a living."
musician business plan

FEM66 Be A Boss: Why You Need A Musician Business Plan with Bree Noble

how to create a fanbase

FEM65 How to Create A Fanbase by Being Authentic and Unique with Emii

healthy rockstar

FEM64 How to Be A Healthy Rockstar with Symentha Holmes

 "You helped form this band by putting honest, actionable information out there geared specifically to a female musician. (I'm 36 with two kids and a day job!:) I would have thought it impossible without your FEM podcast and interview guests. I've listened to the podcast for a couple years now and just soak it up. Every one has provided me with something I could use or bring to my band to help us build this all girl band and fan base. Our story: viral video > successful Kickstarter > killer producer > climbing the folk/bluegrass charts and 6000+ fans (all in 8 months)." - Lauren Spring, The Krickets

Lauren Spring